How to Teach a Dog to Swim

Choose a Safe Location: Select a calm, shallow, and safe body of water for your dog's first swimming lesson. Avoid strong currents, deep water, or crowded areas

Use a Canine Life Vest: Invest in a well-fitting canine life vest. This will provide buoyancy and added safety, especially for dogs new to swimming.

Start in Shallow Water: Begin by entering the water with your dog in a shallow area where they can comfortably touch the ground. Stay close to reassure them and offer encouragement.

Gradual Introduction: Gently lead your dog into the water, keeping the experience positive and relaxed. Use treats and toys to entice them and reward them for their bravery. 

Support and Guidance: While in the water, support your dog under their belly or chest to help them stay afloat. Encourage them to paddle with their legs and move around. 

Positive Reinforcement: Praise and reward your dog for their efforts and progress. Gradually move to deeper water as your dog becomes more comfortable and confident.

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