6 Chic Body Wave Perm Hairstyles

Beachy Waves: Embrace the relaxed and tousled look of beachy waves. A body wave perm can give your hair that effortless, sun-kissed beach look that's perfect for casual outings.

Shoulder-Length Bob: A shoulder-length bob with body wave curls adds texture and movement to your hair. It's a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

Long Loose Waves: If you have long hair, consider getting a body wave perm for long loose waves. This style adds elegance and glamour to your look, suitable for special occasions.

Pixie with Body Waves: Even short hair can benefit from a body wave perm. A pixie cut with body waves adds texture and personality to your cropped hairstyle.

Layered Waves: Layered hair with body wave curls creates a dynamic and voluminous appearance. This style adds depth and dimension to your hair.

Side-Swept Waves: Create a side-swept look with your body wave perm by parting your hair to the side and letting the waves cascade gently over one shoulder. It's a classic and elegant style.

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