6 Billie Eilish Hairstyles: A Journey Through Iconic Looks

Green and Black Hair: Billie's early signature look featured green roots and black hair. This striking style emphasized her rebellious and artistic image.

Neon Green Roots: Billie's neon green roots with black hair became synonymous with her "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" era. It added a touch of eccentricity to her persona.

Mullet: She experimented with a mullet hairstyle, bringing back a retro trend with a modern twist. The mullet became a statement of her evolving style.

Blonde Hair: In 2021, Billie unveiled a dramatic transformation by transitioning to blonde hair. This change symbolized her artistic evolution and newfound confidence.

Retro Glam: Billie often incorporates vintage-inspired elements into her hairstyles, including waves and curls reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour.

Hair Accessories: She frequently adds unique hair accessories like hairpins, hats, and scarves to complement her looks, adding a personalized touch to her style.

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