6 Best Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

Child's Pose Stretch: Begin on your hands and knees, then sit back onto your heels while reaching your arms forward, stretching your lower back and hips.

Cat-Cow Stretch: Start on your hands and knees, arch your back while inhaling (cow pose), and round your back while exhaling (cat pose) to gently mobilize the spine.

Hamstring Stretch: Lie on your back, bend one knee, and extend the opposite leg toward the ceiling while holding onto your thigh or calf. This stretches the hamstrings and lower back.

Seated Forward Fold: Sit on the floor with legs extended. Hinge at the hips and reach forward, aiming to touch your toes or shins while lengthening the spine.

Piriformis Stretch: Lie on your back, cross one ankle over the opposite knee, and gently pull the uncrossed leg toward your chest. This targets the piriformis muscle in the buttocks.

Knee-to-Chest Stretch: Lie on your back, bring one knee toward your chest, and hold it with both hands. This stretch releases tension in the lower back.

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