5 Drinks That Can Harm Your Hairs

Sugary Beverages

Drinks high in added sugars, such as sodas, energy drinks, and sugary fruit juices, can contribute to inflammation in the body. This inflammation may affect hair follicles and potentially lead to hair thinning or hair loss.

Excessive Caffeine

While moderate caffeine consumption is generally considered safe, excessive intake of caffeinated beverages like coffee and certain energy drinks may lead to dehydration, which can impact hair health by making it more brittle and prone to breakage.


Excessive alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body, including the scalp, which might lead to dry and brittle hair. Alcohol can also interfere with nutrient absorption, potentially affecting the availability of essential nutrients for hair growth.

Highly Acidic Drinks

Acidic beverages like certain fruit juices and sports drinks can erode the enamel of teeth and potentially affect overall health, including hair. A balanced pH in the body is important for maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Dietary Supplements in Excess

While some drinks are marketed as hair growth supplements, excessive consumption of certain supplements or protein shakes without proper guidance can lead to imbalances and potential adverse effects on hair and overall health.

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